Born “Israel Steven Mercedes” in providence Rhode Island , Rey King is becoming a household name in the industry. Born in America of Hispanic descent, the black Latino has bridged the gap between the two cultures, bringing in flavor from both sides. He was first introduced as a rapper / producer but has now evolved into a well rounded artist collaborating with some of the greatest producers & song writers in the game. Fast forward a few years, Rey King made his mark as a songwriter by writing/producing his first Latin billboard chart topping single title “Day One” performed by Latin Pop star Leslie Grace. The song reached number one on the billboard tropical charts & also won REY his first ASCAP award as well as Grammy Nomination. In the summer of 2017 Rey King released his first single “Kalimbo” bringing in some Island vibes fused in with his American R&B melodies. The song was released under the well known Latin label JN Music. As summer ’18 approaches Rey King takes on yet another challenge, bringing two cultures together in one song, “Tijuana”. The single is scheduled for release on June 15th & is produced by Latin Super producers MadMusik, known for their work on mega hits like “Limbo” for Daddy Yankee & “Unfollow” for Maluma. Sonically the record is a fusion of American trap, sprinkled with some Spanish words in a very organic & almost seamless way. The song will debut on both American & Latin platforms with the hope of connecting the two cultures in support of what he calls “the new wave” Rey King is a bilingual Latin American but is now planning on being a bilingual artist, not just in Tijuana but with other follow up singles scheduled to be released later this year. We have insight regarding a full English Reggaeton record produced by super producer Tainy who produced “I like it” for Cardi B, many songs on J Balvin’s Vibras album and many other global hits.
Due to the high success of hits like “Despacito” there has been high demand for Latin American music & Rey King has his sights on meeting & surpassing those demands. “Some nations destroy but real Kings build bridges” says Rey King as he talks to us about the current state of music, social & political views. One thing is for sure Rey King will be a name to remember, not only in this year but for many years to come. Establishing new genres & platforms, giving bilingual artist a voice and new reason to shine.